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Why WordPress is Slow On Azure

By James Barratt / January 23, 2019

This post covers running WordPress as an Azure App Service. In October of 2018, I was tasked with helping a client move their current .NET based marketing websites over to WordPress. This was so they could have their marketing team make updates to the sites leveraging the front end editing power of the Beaver Builder…

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How to setup a staging site on Server Pilot using Data Shuttle

By James Barratt / November 14, 2018

Server Pilot has just released a companion app into beta called Data Shuttle. The primary purpose of this app is to allow users to move their existing app over to ServerPilot. The more important feature for current Server Pilot users is that it allows apps to be duplicated on the same server, or copied from…

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Using Beaver Builder With the New WordPress Gutenberg Editor

By James Barratt / August 24, 2018

When Built my Previous Blog Post About PHP versions, I made a quick YouTube video of how the New Gutenberg Editor works with the Beaver Builder Stack. I have been really impressed with Gutenberg, and I think it’s a great evolutionary leap forward for interacting with content in WordPress. I am excited for this to roll…

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Why The PHP versions matters to Your WordPress Website

By James Barratt / August 24, 2018

Before we get to the why the version matters, a quick note about PHP… Wikipedia  Describes PHP as: “PHP: Hypertext Preprocessor (or simply PHP) is a server-side scripting language designed for Web development, but also used as a general-purpose programming language” Basically, PHP is the programing language much of WordPress is written in, and…

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Gutenberg: The Future Of WordPress?

By James Barratt / June 19, 2018

When WordPress 5.0 Releases, it will include the result of Project Gutenberg, which seems to be a re-imagining of the way we work with content in WordPress. There has been a tremendous amount of trepidation behind this update, with many WordPress users running around as if the sky is falling. Just check out all the…

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10 Reasons I’m unfollowing your small business social media presence.

By James Barratt / August 21, 2017

The two edged sword of Social Media Social media can be a powerful tool in a small business arsenal. Done right, it can provide free (inexpensive?) marketing, brand reputation/awareness, and engagement in a very short time. Done wrong, it can alienate your customers (and prospects!) and make your business lose credibility. We follow a lot of small…

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App Review: AudioSwitch

By James Barratt / June 12, 2017

AudioSwitch Review: AudioSwitch is a lightweight app that runs in the Windows System Tray that allows you to switch between Audio outputs. If you’re like me and switch between headphones and speakers throughout the day, this app a very convenient time saver. To switch between any of the system audio outputs, you just have to click on…

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